How to Use Scrap Metal to Teach Recycling in Homeschool

One of the leading topics in science is ecology and environmental protection. Some homeschool families find this difficult to integrate into their lesson plans. You may know how to show basic recycling for things like plastic bottles, but when it comes to metals, you may have a tougher time. If this sounds like an issue you are facing, here are some ways to use scrap metal recycling and selling as a way to teach recycling in your homeschool.

Separating Scrap Metal

One of the ways you can use to teach recycling in homeschool using scrap metal is through lessons on separating the metals. Keep in mind, there are many different kinds of scrap that are accepted. For example, some scrap yards will take aluminium as well as stainless steel and copper. They may also take electronic scrap as well. Having your student sort through and categorize the metals can show them just how much can be saved from a landfill.

Value for Scrap Metal

One way to get homeschool kids involved in scrap metal recycling is to teach them how the different metals bring in different values. For example, you can show them that something like an aluminium can will bring in a certain cash amount, but things like cleaned copper will bring in a much higher price. You can also bring in math, stocks, and business to show them the companies that buy the scrap and recycle it into their own products. This can develop a chain through the recycling process to show them how the value changes from being sold as scrap to the new product and the increased value of the recycled metal.

Methods of Recycling Scrap Metal

One key point of recycling and selling scrap metal for recycling that is often overlooked is the recycling methods used. You can teach your homeschool child how the different metals require different recycling techniques and the processes the metals go through. This can help them understand how much the simple act of their recycling effort, which in many cases may be just collecting and recycling aluminium, can impact and benefit the environment as a whole.

These are only a few ways you can use scrap metal recycling and selling to teach recycling in your homeschool. If these sound like options that may work for you, contact your local scrap metal buyer. They can tell you what metals they accept and the process of selling the metals, or donating them, for recycling. They can also help if you would like to schedule an appointment for your homeschooler to view the facility.