Tips for Getting the Most from Recyclable Scrap Metals

Verifiable statistics about metal recycling indicate that 32% of crude steel produced globally was sourced from recycled metals. It shows the importance of scrap metal collection and recycling in the production of metals. In fact, the demand for scrap metal continues to grow because individuals and companies understand the benefits of recycling initiatives. Therefore, the metal scrapping segment offers good business prospects, but only if you apply the right strategy. For instance, scrap metal recyclers prefer to work with collectors who make their work easy. This article highlights tips for getting more value from scrap metal.

Protect Metals 

Scrap metal recyclers pay collectors by weight; therefore, the more you collect, the more money you are likely to get. Notably, most scrap metal collectors prefer to accumulate metal before selling it to recyclers. Thus, it is essential to protect scrap metal while in storage because corrosion can cause significant damage to your salvage. Unfortunately, rust reduces the weight of scrap metal, meaning that recyclers pay you less or nothing at all. If you collect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, keep the former in a cool, dry place before delivering to a yard. The best strategy is to use a desiccant drying agent in the storage space.     

Find Free Scrap Metal 

There are various sources of scrap metal, including construction sites, garages, manufacturing plants, fabrication shops, homes, and landfills. Notably, some sources sell their scrap metal to recyclers, making it challenging to make good money from scrapping. The reason is that metal recyclers only pay the market value of scrap metal. Therefore, your net profit becomes meagre if you buy scrap metal from fabrication shops, manufacturing plants, or construction sites. Scrappers should try as much as possible to look for free sources of scrap metal rather than buy, and all it takes is to ask politely by justifying the ecological benefits. It ensures you maximise profits while ridding the environment of waste.  

Clean Metals 

Recyclers are usually keen on the scrap metal that collectors deliver. The reason is that dirty and mixed metals are a nightmare to sort and recycle since they require time and energy, two expensive resources. Thus, metal recyclers are always on the lookout for collectors that allow them to maximise the two resources, which is where you play a critical role. For instance, removing the insulation from scrap wires saves recyclers time. Similarly, remove any unwanted attachments such as connectors.  

Reach out to a scrap metal recycling facility to learn more.