Why It Is Vital To Recycle Your COpper

Copper is a very important metal used in all sorts of different applications. It is one of the most widely used metals in the world in both its raw form and as alloys such as brass, billon and beryllium copper. You may not even realise just how much copper you have in your home, but most of your white goods and a lot of your appliances probably have a fair chunk of copper in them. If you are considering throwing these items out, you should check first if there is any copper and then try to recycle it if you can. Here are a few reasons why recycling copper is always a good idea.

Reduces Impact On The Environment

When it comes to recycling most products, the general idea is that it is good to recycle them to avoid filling up landfill sites and perhaps causing more pollution. While that is true of copper as well, the main reason why it is good for the environment to recycle copper is that the process of making copper is very harmful to the environment. A lot of strong chemicals and resource-intensive procedures are needed to make the copper you use throughout your home. In fact, about 75% of copper currently in use comes from recycled sources, which shows just how highly companies value recycled copper over new copper.

Cash For Copper

Getting copper out of your appliances can be a little bit tough, which is why most recycling centres that accept copper will pay you to do it for them. This rate is generally based on the going market rate, and it won't be enough to finance a new car or buy a house, but it certainly can add up to a pretty penny if you have a fair few items. Cash for copper schemes can be found in almost every part of Australia, so if you are getting rid of some old items, then check for copper first; you may just help the environment and make yourself a bit of extra cash too!

Speed Up The Process

If you simply throw out your white goods and appliances in the regular trash, then chances are that either the copper will not get found or it will take some unlucky recycling worker a long time to fish out the appliances, take them apart and harvest the copper. The easiest time to do this process is before the goods ever leave your house, so if you can help out those who have a lot of other tasks to do with this minor job, it is always greatly appreciated. 

Contact a service that offers cash for copper to learn more.