Want to Know How Car Parts Are Recycled?

Did you know that you can get a recycled spare part for virtually any car part that you need for your vehicle repair or restoration job? Vehicle recycling is a source of cheap but quality used car parts. While you might be aware that buying used car parts is a fantastic way to save money on the purchase of car replacement parts, you may not know what the vehicle recycling process entails.

How to Use Scrap Metal to Teach Recycling in Homeschool

One of the leading topics in science is ecology and environmental protection. Some homeschool families find this difficult to integrate into their lesson plans. You may know how to show basic recycling for things like plastic bottles, but when it comes to metals, you may have a tougher time. If this sounds like an issue you are facing, here are some ways to use scrap metal recycling and selling as a way to teach recycling in your homeschool.

Top Tips to Successful Paper Recycling

When it comes to activities that produce social good, paper recycling is hard to beat. First, when you recycle paper, you use fewer raw resources. As trees play a large role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, protecting them is important. Second, continuing to recycle produces jobs for those who work in the field. If you're going to recycle paper correctly, it's worth following certain tips. When you know how to approach the task, you can ensure the items you recycle are fit for use.

Fed Up With Recycling? These Stories of Historical Salvage May Inspire You

Sometimes sorting the trash can seem like just another chore imposed on us by the modern world. But scrap metal salvage is as old as metalworking itself, and has played a vital role in history. Learn more about the process throughout history. A recycled giant The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This 33-metre high statue of the Sun-god Helios was built by the ancient Greeks, and was itself partly made from recycled goods; it had an iron skeleton and bronze plates that were re-forged from weapons left by a previous invading army.

Using Reclaimed and Recycled Building Materials

Over the years recycling has become a hot topic in Parliament. The European Union currently has a target to cut domestic carbon emissions by DA (in comparison to levels recorded in 1990) by 2020; however, if the EU expects to meet the targets set forth by the Climate Change Act 2008, realistically a 25% reduction should be achieved. It's a long and tricky road, but studies conducted by the European Commission show that the plan is both technically and economically feasible.